How Can You Prevent Dry Skin from Cats?

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Proper diet

Cats need a well-balanced diet containing protein and a moderate amount of fat to thrive.

Besides keeping your cat well fed, you should also make sure that you drink enough water. Weight loss can cause your cat to suffer from dry, itchy skin.

Making water available can help ensure that your cat stays well hydrated. To do so, you can try adding water jars or cat brewing fountain for your cat.

In addition, you may consider giving your cat a diet supplement containing essential fatty acids such as omega 3, 6, or 9.

These fatty acids help to warm your cat’s skin from the inside out, reducing the chance of dry skin.


Cats are excellent helpers. As such, avoid bathing your feline friend unless absolutely necessary.

An excessive bath can dry your cat’s skin. If absolutely necessary, use a soft and moisturizing cat shampoo instead.

While bathing your cat often can be dangerous, brushing is always beneficial.

Massage helps increase circulation in the skin and spreads your cat’s natural oils. Because cats tend to mate, this is very important to protect their skin from dryness and dampness.

Staying away from hot and dry weather

Prolonged exposure to hot, dry weather can damage your cat’s skin and result in dry skin and sunburn.

Keep your furry friend indoors when the sun is too hot.

Managing your cat’s health

Fat cats may find it difficult to reach certain parts of their body. They may experience difficulties while repairing them, leading to the formation of dry areas. To avoid this, keep your cat active to keep its weight within a healthy range.

Also, regular vet visits are important. It allows health issues to be identified early in the treatment process.

This is especially important for older cats who are prone to serious infections that can lead to dry skin.

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