How to prepare best food to my cats?

Unlike dogs who are able to eat different types of food and stay healthy, cats, on the other hand, have some dietary restrictions due to their incorrect eating habits. Yet, what we see in the media shapes our thinking, creating an imbalance between expectations and reality. The availability of information at the tip of our fingers should shape how we feed and feed our cats throughout the year.

How to prepare best food to my cats

Milk found?

From the point of view of the average passerby on the road, milk is an important source of nutrition for cats: although there are many scientific studies that address lactose intolerance in some cats. As mentioned, cats cannot drink milk from store racks. Instead, buy lactose-free milk designated for pets – however, these milk packets are considered treats and are not a substitute for water because they can dehydrate your cats!

Something is wrong

Contrary to what we often picture on TV screens, cats are never asked to eat fish because it is not a normal food for cats. Cooked fish should be served in a controlled manner to feed other foods, but it should be avoided as raw fish contains an enzyme called thiamin, which breaks down vitamins, reduces appetite, and eventually death. That happens.

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Delicious treats

Kitty’s behavior is said to be a good friend of the cat. Because of their high salt content, they are great as gifts for behavioral improvement or for teaching your cat new tricks. At the same time, it is advisable to keep them to a minimum or you can turn your cat into its normal diet! Feed them two or three times a day, or better yet, break the treats into small pieces so that each piece comes out of the box. During the two months after birth, it is advisable to keep them until contracts become too large.

Taste test

In addition to buying the most nutritious food for your cats, taste is very important to cats. Although there are attractive names in the packages, they may not satisfy your cat’s tastes! Strangely enough, cats can go on hunger strike without eating what they don’t enjoy! Keep an eye on the food level after each meal to see if your cat rejects the food. If they are, it can lead to liver failure and other life-threatening diseases. One tip to avoid rejecting new foods is to slowly introduce new kibbles in small quantities.

Feeding Cup

Cat owners leave in the bowl available all day, before going to work or school, to solve problems of their cats who are hungry all day. This will ensure a full stomach in your cats, which will make breastfeeding a habit. Establish a feeding schedule to eat as small lunch cats during the day. If it is not possible to skip meals three times a day, add the usual ingredients in the morning and the other half in the evening. Constantly remove the same amount of kibbles by using measuring containers to monitor changes in your cat’s growing appetite.

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Feeding switch

In most cases, a cat is considered an adult when it is one year old. Due to the differences in protein and fat content, it can change from a cat’s diet to an adult’s diet – chopped food contains a large amount of protein and fat, which completes its phase of tissue development. Is. Along with changing the types of food, you should also increase the amount of food given. Depending on the weight of the cat, serving a food should be between 20 and 25 grams.

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