How to Stop Dog Snoring at Midnight


You are about to asleep with your pup, but suddenly, a snore or wheeze just scares and wake you up at midnight.

How would you feel?

Sounds terrible! Doesn’t it!

Dog snoring seems cute at first sight, but it becomes awful when it starts keeping you up the whole night.

Like humans, dogs also snore and there are multiple reasons behind it. Some of the popular breeds like Bulldogs, Boston Terriers, and Pubs are more likely to snore at night because their windpipes are relatively restricted as compared to other breeds.

Stop Dog Snoring at Midnight

But irrespective of the breed you have, every kind of dog likely to snore when they sleep. If you are getting distracted and want to stop midnight snoring of your dog, you must follow these tips to keep them quiet.

Before we aggressively rush to the main course, let’s talk about the causes of why your dog snores.

5 Possible Causes of Dog Snoring

Here are the causes of your dog’s midnight snoring. 

  • Dogs that are overweight or obese tend to snore more than others because they have excess tissue in their throat that blocks the airways.
  • Some of the allergens like dust, tree and weed pollen, and smoke are the prime causes of nasal allergies. The results in the blockage of mucus in nostrils may cause heavy breathing.
  • As discusses above, certain dog breeds are prone to snoring. While sleeping, their windpipe flattens which makes it difficult for them to breathe.
  • Tobacco smoke could be another major cause. If your room is more of a smoke chamber, your pet will continue to snore no matter what you do.
  • If your pet is suffering from a severe cold, they might snore in his sleep.

5 Easy Ways to Prevent Dog Snoring

In this post, we’ll discuss the five ways that can effectively stop snoring of your dog.

1. Keep Things Neat & Tidy: Like humans, dogs suffer from allergies that may significantly impact their respiratory system. From corn to grass, your dog could be allergic to anything and this might be the main reason your dog is relentlessly snoring every night.  Always keep your dog’s area allergen-free to prevent allergic symptoms. Don’t forget to wash or change their bedding daily and try to clean their carpet with a vacuum.

2. Adjust their Sleeping Positions: When air passages are blocked or narrowed, snoring happens and your dog’s sleeping position could be the prime reason behind it. If your dog snores while he’s sprawled out on his back, try to roll him over to his side so they could stop snoring. Before you do anything to your pup, just imagine how you would feel if someone wakes you up at midnight. Even your beloved pet can lash out aggressively when disturbed, so be gentle and slow.

3. Keep Your Pet Fit & Active: Not only for humans but keeping your pet fit and active could prevent dog snoring in the middle of the night. Pet obesity, as we already know, has many potential side effects and it’s reported that being overweight can be the cause of dog snoring. For those who don’t know, obese dogs have excess tissue around their neck and throat (looks cute), but can be obstructing your pet’s airflow and causing midnight snoring.

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Change your dog’s diet plan and develop a habit of a daily walk to shred those extra pounds.

4. Stop Smoking: If you want your dog to stop snoring, avoid smoking at any cost.

Tobacco smoke irritates your dog’s respiratory system in a multitude of ways that you have no idea about. Not only passive smoking negatively impacts your pets but breathing in those fumes will also contribute to their snoring problems. If cannot quit smoking, at least try not to smoke near your dog or in a room where he sleeps.

 5. Consult the Vet: If you already have taken all these steps but things still are not working out, you must contact veterinarians. Dogs are genetically prone to snoring but if it’s too loud or significantly troubling you, soft pallet surgery is an ideal option to improve their breathing as it removes excess flesh that blocks the airway. The surgery can be expensive but you’ll have sound sleep and most importantly, your pet will easily breathe.

Final Thoughts

If you implement these simple steps, not only it will prevent dog snoring at midnight but it may increase your pet’s life span. Be sure you clean their sleeping area, feed a healthy diet, quit smoking, and adjust their sleep patterns so that both of you can stay active and healthy.

By Priyanka Joshi author

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