Why My Cat Have Dry Skin?

Nutritional deficiency

Malnutrition and unbalanced diet can cause commonly for cat dry skins. When cat didn’t consume nutrients in the right proportions, their skin dry out as a result.

 Frequent bathing

Frequent bathing can remove natural oils from the skin and effect to the coat. Most of pet shampoos are not advice to use frequently.

If bath is too frequent skin can not recover fast from the removed natural oils and can easily cause for dry skin.


Some diseases make your cats system unbalanced and affect its healthy skin.

Poor blood circulation can also cause to the dry skin as skin does not gets the proper oxygen and it will become flake.


Allergies can easily get if you’re not maintaining the environment clean. Environment pollution is main cause for these.

What I should do when my cat has dry skin?

Hot Towel can help soothe your cats dried out skin feel refreshed.

cat wrap hot towel

Keep the towel for 5-7 minutes in dried out areas and clean it for anther 5-7 minutes after 30min.

“cats are not fond of water, thus drip the wet before placing it on your pet.”

 Pure Aloe vera and Pure coconut oil

Most of vet’s main advice is to put pure aloe vera or pure coconut oil sparingly on your cat.

 Brush your cat gently

Please use proper cat brush to brushing your cats’ skin, do it without putting more pressure and gentle way. If cat shows any pain of special reaction when you bush, please stop the brushing.

Recommended products for cat dry skin

Salmon Oil

Salmon Oil

This is made from pure norwagien salmon that provides high levels of DHA and EPA, ideal for the cats that needs extra car for there skin.

This helps to hydrate dry, itchy skin, aid joint mobility, soothe cracked paws and maintain a lustrous, glossy coat.

This can be used in addition to usual food, mixed or put it to the top.

This can help the palatability of existing food.

Dermcare Natural Shampoo

Dermcare Natural Shampoo

Dermcare Natural Shampoo is used for maintain moisture after washing. This contain the coconut oil ingredients with emollients and moistening factors formulated for your cats’ skin.

Directions for use:

  • Wet your pet thoroughly and apply shampoo directly to the coat. Work into a thick lather.
  • A sponge assists lathering
  • May be used on sensitive, dry and oily skin without excessively stripping the coat of its natural lustre.
  • Use as often as required
  • Rinse well and repeat procedure for added lustre.

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